Monday, December 20, 2010

it's Christmas! (almost)

Christmas is right around the corner. I'm pretty excited. We set a budget for gifts and I actually stuck to it. Ted's gift is another story, but all the gifts for our families are awesome & in the budget I was aiming for. That made this time of year much less stressful for me. Now it's on to wrapping said gifts - not my favorite activity ever.

This year we're doing a small Christmas dinner with just Ted & me, and my parents. It should be pretty fun and I'm darn excited to cook some yummy food. Here's our menu:

And for dessert we'll be enjoying:
I'm going to be making the beef wellingtons individually instead of one big one because everyone likes their steak done differently. I hope it comes out as yummy as I'm imagining. If all else fails I'm sure the stuffed mushrooms and cracked earth will be awesome.