Tuesday, March 30, 2010

fly a kite!

Sometimes I want to give the big middle finger to two things, one of which may shock you:
Marriage & mortgages. The M&M. Otherwise know as Responsibility.


I love being married - don't get me wrong. I love my hubs, he's the best, & I know just how lucky we are.
On the other hand - sometimes I just want to tell Responsibility to go "fly a kite!" (I can't say what I really want to say, what if my mom saw this?!)

The days where I was so impulsive & just irresponsible enough to throw down $400 on a new purse, yeah - those days were not so long ago, just a couple of years really. Now the prospect of spending more than $100 on anything like that... Uh, yeah - so not happening. :) I wish I could say that I looked at myself and decided that being more financially responsible was best for ME, but alas, I can not. I do this for my husband (and me, but just a little... because not being homeless is still sexier than that Marc Jacobs bag).

Being financially responsible has never been my strong suit. I lived for a long time with the theory that, sure I can charge $300 at the Gap, I'll worry about it next month... and the next month... and the next. You see where this is going? It's never one splurge on clothes, or one new bag, one new hot pair of shoes, etc. It's many many many things. I want to be a financially independent married woman. Haha... is that even something that's possible? I want to depend on my husband, I don't want to be dependent on him. I love being a home owner more than any pair of shoes you put in front of me. And really... the "sacrificing" I thought I was going to have to make once I got married & bought a house? Yeah... it's not so bad. This is better than anything you could throw at me.

p.s.: Doesn't this bag just need me?? :) My mother can attest to my childhood obsession with all things dayglo... seems to have followed me to adulthood.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

yes, please.

So we are officially booked to spend 8 days cruising with Carnival next January. We will be enjoying Acapulco, Ixtapa (and someplace that starts with a Z that I will never know how to pronounce let alone spell) , and Manzanillo along the way! :) I am so thrilled, it's always fun to look forward to a future vacation! This is also conveniently going to allow us to celebrate our First Anniversary, just the two of us, relaxing & enjoying each others company with no distractions. (this means YOU, internet, work, tv, & cell phones.) Yes of course I know there are internet, tv, and phones on cruise ships... but we have a rule that we try to do as little of that as possible when on vacation. I mean... what's the point of "getting away from it all" if you plan on staying connected? May as well pour yourself a Mai Tai and stay home if that's the case... in my not so humble opinion.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

it finally happened

I was driving to work today, listening to my favorite morning radio station, they go to commercial and I decide to flip to my #2 setting on the dial... WRONG! Ok, so my #2 setting was/is KIIS. I'll admit it. So today it finally happened - I heard what they were playing on the radio and thought "Seriously? People like this crap? Seriously?! This isn't even music. It's just noise!" And then I realized that I have finally become my mother. Or something like that. Something like... when I was a teenager and thought "I'll never be that way, I'll always love new music." Yeah, not so much.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We will be starting a bathroom renovation in our new home very soon. I'll be updating the good ol' blog with pictures and stories. Hopefully some day I will get to posting some pictures of our general home renovations - mainly all painting related, as we can't really move walls around in a Townhouse. HOA's generally frown on that.

We will also be pouring a new patio slab in the near future (thanks to my very generous dad!). We don't have anything fancy planned for that, just a concrete patio, so hopefully when it rains it will no longer flood our "basement" area. Soooo convenient that the HOA covers everything structural - except the patio slabs. I wonder what they're afraid of? The fact that they are probably ALL leaking?? Perhaps. Whatever, at least I know if my dad fixes it - it will get done right.

Lets see... we also need to paint our dining area in the kitchen. By the time we got to that room we were so over painting, we just couldn't do it. So now we need to finish that project already - seeing as we moved into our house in October '09. :) We will also be renovating our half-bath sometime this year. I am actually really excited about that one. The space is small, but I have some really exciting ideas for it. I feel like we can "splurge" a little on that one, since it's so small. We can afford to go with some nice flooring because it's such a small space to cover. We'll see what happens.

On Sunday we had our wedding reception. Since we got married in Cancun, we had a reception at a later date at home so all of our family & friends could come. It was so fun! I am so glad we did it. We had it at the Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney. The room (Parlor Room) was amazing. It looked so good, and my in-laws provided the flowers - which looked awesome! It was my vision come to life. I will post pictures when we get them from the photographers (who were also awesome!). The staff at Jazz Kitchen were so friendly & helpful, and the food was delicious! I would definitely recommend them for your next event, or just a yummy lunch or dinner.

All in all, life is good. Enjoying being married. :)

Monday, March 1, 2010