us & them


Sarah & Ted. New homeowners in Orange County, CA. Dreams of living elsewhere. We began dating in April of 2008, engaged December 28, 2008 in Paris, married January 8, 2010 in Cancun. We had the most amazing wedding, in my very biased opinion. I love our life together, and I can truly say that the future is so exciting - I can't wait to see where life takes us.


Bella is our 6 year old chihuahua. She's a total lover, and a total fighter.

Nova is our 11 month old puppy. He's a Lab/Boxer/Whatever else mix. We adopted Nova on Petsmarts National Pet Adoption Weekend. Nova loves tearing up toys (and beds), cuddles, and a good nap.

The rescue that took Nova in is a local rescue called Cuddly Canines. They "specialize" in rescuing pregnant dogs & puppies from shelters/pounds. They're a great group of people.