Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving recap

Lets pretend it's two days ago - Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Ok, back to reality.

Thanksgiving was a great success this year! Yay. We spend it with my in-laws and most of the extended family, plus my parents come also... which totally alleviates the whole "splitting the holiday" stress. Thank you, Lord. Ted & I go to my parents house on Thanksgiving morning for breakfast with my family, so my parents, us, & my brother can all spend it together. It's just a day packed with family & food. All the food was amazing. Our smoked turkey came out awesome. My pies came out pretty darn good also. My pecan pie in the Oreo crust was a hit! One of Ted's uncles told me it was the best pecan pie he's ever had, and that he's had a lot of pecan pie. Comments like that make it ALL worth it. My apple pie didn't come out quite how I was expecting, but it was still really yummy. My pumpkin pie was delicious. I also made a last minute peanut butter pie and it was a hit! Of course, the easiest pie that took me all of 10 minutes to make was the biggest hit. It was such a big hit I'm adding it into the permanent Thanksgiving pie line-up. It was delicious, I can't deny that.

All in all it was a fab Thanksgiving. I love spending it with so much family all around. And then of course there's the leftovers. Last year I unknowingly started our own little family tradition. We had all these Thanksgiving leftovers and I wanted to do something special with them because we didn't really have enough of anything for more then one meal for each of us. What I ended up doing was making a Thanksgiving leftovers Shepard's pie. There's no recipe. Simply layer your favorite leftovers in a pan, top with mashed potatoes, top that with breadcrumbs if you like, and bake until everything is hot & bubbly. Ted has been talking about that meal for the last year, especially the last few days. He made sure that he scavenged as many leftovers as he could. We have leftover turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, & dressing. I'm thinking I will add in a can of cream of mushroom soup with the meats for moisture, and I will add in a can of corn so we have some sort of freshness & a veggie in there. Monday evenings dinner will be Yum-O for sure. I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh, we were telling one of Ted's aunts about how I made that Shepard's pie last year and she said she does something similar but she tops her with crescent rolls for the top layer. OMG. That has to be to die for.