Friday, November 19, 2010

pie edition

This post is all about the pies I'm making for Thanksgiving. Woo!

Pumpkin Pie - the BEST pumpkin pie, if you ask me. I started making this one a few years ago and now I get regular requests for it every year. I happily oblige. The only difference between the recipe and what I make is that I use graham cracker crust. My mom hates regular pie crust, so I try to make as many pies in graham cracker crusts as I can. I really think the graham cracker crust adds to this recipe to make it even better. Beware: this recipe makes WAY MORE then enough filling for a 9" pie pan. I usually pour any extra into ramekins and we have "pumpkin pie pudding".

Pecan Pie - So, my husband refuses to attend Thanksgiving if there's no pecan pie. This man knew the way to my heart from the beginning. I love pecan pie. I never took a stab at making it until we started dating & I promised I would make him one for Thanksgiving. As you can see, Yes, I make the Karo Syrup Pecan Pie. I needed a fool proof recipe the first time I made it and I figured the Karo recipe was it. It was. It's such a huge hit every time I make it that I just haven't even tried any other recipe. Plus I found out my Grandma makes a mean pecan pie and she's always used that recipe also. If it's good enough for Grandma, it's good enough for me.

Apple Pie - It's no secret in my family that pie dough & I do not get along. The first year a started making holiday pies and attempted to make my own dough, well... it ended with me balling up the dough, hurling it in the trash, and crying. Sad & funny, but true. I'm not even going to lie and say I make my own dough, or not address the issue & let you think I do. I don't. I use this. In the past I've used these. And I'm ok with it, no more tears pie crust. So anyways, the thought of making my first ever Apple Pie with double crust? Terrifying. Which is why I'll be omitting the top crust (it's my kitchen!) and using a simple crunch topping. Doesn't everyone like crunch topping anyways? This recipe has awesome reviews so I'm hoping it's a hit.

It's ok, you can throw virtual stones at me for using pre-made pie crust. I've accepted my short coming and moved on because the pies are still delicious! Just don't tell Grandma.

I'm toying with the idea of making either cookies or a chocolate/marble bundt cake for people who ::gasp:: don't like pie. Who doesn't like pie, by the way?