Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a website

Day 22

Today I'm suppose to share a website with you. Wtf. I'm so weird, I have no idea if any of you would be interested in anything I peruse on the Interwebs. I guess I'll share something with you that I have recently become a fan of...

Recently a friend of mine turned me on to Lush and I really haven't looked back.

My products of choice are: Herbalism cleanser, Eau Roma Water toner, & Celestial moisturizer. What I really love about these products is that there's not a lot of stuff in them, you know - stuff I can't pronounce. Plus they make my skin look & feel great. I've also tried the Seanik shampoo bar and I liked it. It made my hair feel very clean. I tried the Jungle solid conditioner... I'm not sold on it yet. I don't know if I didn't use it correctly or didn't use enough, but it didn't leave my hair feeling sleek and soft. The Heavanilli and Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bars are also really nice. They smell fantastic. So far there isn't anything I've tried that I wouldn't use again - maybe with the exception of Jungle. I can't believe how little I have to use of the Celestial moisturizer after I use the Eau Roma Water toner. My skin tends to be a little on the dry side after I wash it and I always had to use a lot of moisturizer. After I use the toner my skin already feels quenched and I use just a pea size amount of the moisturizer. It's awesome.

I also love that the Lush website is so fun looking. It's like a feast for the eyes just to look around at everything. If you think you may want to try some Lush products then I would highly recommend seeking out the closest store to you because they are very generous with their samples! Seriously. The sample they gave me of Herbalism lasted me for 2 weeks - granted I was only using it every other time I washed my face, but still. It was enough time to figure out if I liked it. Plus the people who work at Lush are ridiculously helpful - don't forget to ask them about the hand treatment. It's a cleansing / salt scrub / moisturizing treatment so you can see how well their products work. When they did it on me I could literally see the difference in the way the treated hand looked in comparison with the one not treated. The treated hand visibly looked healthier and younger. Crazy. Love this stuff.

This turned into way more of a review then I planned. I promise I just love Lush and wanted to share with you all so you can love it as much as me. :)