Thursday, September 16, 2010

you tube

Day 23

I'm suppose to share a YouTube video with you today. I won't be. Sorry. Here are the reasons:

  1. I'm being a good worker and spending my time at work blogging, but my work computer doesn't have speakers.
  2. My monitor screen has decided everything needs to be purple or electric orange today... and I want to stab my computer now, so best to walk away.
  3. I don't like YouTube and try to spend as little time perusing it as possible. 
So there you go. Sorry people. Here's a link to another post I did where I did include a video. Again I will warn you it's profanity heavy - and super effing hilarious.


On a side note, yesterday marked one year of home ownership for Ted & I! Woo! One whole year of mortgages (only 29 more to go!), paint, projects, fixing clogged drains, and good memories. I still remember when we finally closed escrow and I thought "Who the hell let this happen?!" hahaha. Yeah. I don't feel like that so much anymore, although I do have my moments where I am taken aback by the fact that I'm 27, married, and own a house. Sometimes I still feel like I'm 18 and fresh out of high school - thankfully those days are few & far between. So we celebrated last night with what will go down in history as one of the worst dinners I've ever made. Klassy.