Monday, September 20, 2010

my worst habit

Day 27

This one is so easy - I'm lazy. That's my worst habit by far. I can be lazy in every aspect of my life. I can also get into these kicks where I am so ON, like nothing can get past me & I can do anything better then any pro out there. The problem is I'm a pretty laid back kind of personality, I often say "I can do that tomorrow." I'm trying to change my attitude to "Why put off until tomorrow, what you can do today?" or "Why put off for 2 hours, what you can do right now?" I'm really, really trying to embrace this new attitude. I've gotten SO LAZY about going to the gym. I'll feel lazy & tired on Monday and not go but say I'll go tomorrow or Wednesday for sure. Inevitably something will actually come up on Tuesday or Wednesday and I can't go. So I'm trying to start going to the gym when I feel like it, so when I get home if I feel like getting dressed & going right away, then I just do that. I just need to get out of my lazy rut and get back in gear.

The same laziness can apply to cleaning. I hate cleaning. It's just such a chore. The odd thing is I take so much pride in my job & our house when it's all cleaned up. You'd think that would motivate me. Nope. It's like... "Do I want to clean the kitchen, or do I want to watch last nights episode of Parenthood?" The damn tv always wins. I'm really trying to get more on top of this stuff. I think part of my problem is that it's just Ted & I. I like to think once we have kids I'll be super anal about keeping the house clean. Here's hoping. Luckily we're good at not keeping stuff just to keep it. Hoarders, anyone? Not here! Yippee!

So, yes I own my laziness. I'm not proud of it, but I'm trying to change it.