Tuesday, September 21, 2010

what's in my purse??

Day 28

wallet - of course

keys to my life

lip balm - addicted to this stuff

MAC Blot Powder

my lifeline

I always have a pen handy

Inevitably I end up with a bunch of receipts at the bottom of my purse, these usually get cleaned out on Sunday night.

every girl has to have the perfect lip gloss in her bag, you just never know when you may need it

My favorite mascara

must have!

There are always other things that occasionally make it into my purse. Sunglasses (I really don't carry them around with me on a regular basis), my nook, grocery lists, snacks, etc. But the above items can always be found in my purse - always... oh, and tampons. But did you really need a picture of tampons? I didn't think so.