Sunday, September 19, 2010

my week

Day 26

Well, honestly, how can you keep track of everything you do in a week? haha. Let's see...

M-Th: Wake up, shower, get ready for work, drive to work. Work. Drive home from work, go to the gym on some days, come home & fix dinner. Clean up dinner and get lunches ready for the next day. Rinse & Repeat. Sometimes we have other things we need to do during the week, but overall our weeks are pretty predictable - and I like that, I don't mind change-ups, but I do find comfort in knowing I have X amount of time every week for the gym/cooking/etc. I'm in for one hell of a shock if/when we ever have kids and my "predictability" and "planning" goes to shit.

I have Fridays off so they can vary. Some Fridays I spend the day being lazy at home, getting some cleaning done, running errands, or spending time with friends. It really varies week to week.

Weekends are the best. If we don't have plans for the morning then we sleep until 8 or so and get the dogs up. We all stay in bed and just lounge around, watch from Food Network, or read. We usually get up and get ready in time to go have lunch and have some errands to run. On Sundays we'll get up and do the grocery shopping for the week. Some weekends we're super busy and just going, going, going. Other weekends we can't find enough things to take up time. We typically get a dinner in with either of our families on the weekends also. I enjoy relaxing weekends, I like to savor the "just us" time.

So that's a week in the life of ME. Exciting, eh?