Saturday, September 18, 2010

a day in the life of me

Day 25

I'm suppose to share my day in great detail. Wow, are you all in for some boooooredom.

I will describe my Friday (9/17)...

I woke up... really didn't want to get out of bed. Really. Finally dragged my ass out of bed & went downstairs to let the dogs out - they sleep in the kitchen. Then I lounged around for about 20 minutes, trying to wake up. Made coffee and got Ted's lunch together. On this day we carpooled because my mom needed to use my car, so I had to get up & ride to work with Ted, so I would have a car. So we got in the car, let the dogs come with us, and went on our way. Dropped Ted off at work, drove back home & got stuck in some abnormally bad traffic. When I got home I called my mom to see what her plan was because we had talked about getting our nails done & seeing a movie together. Replied to a couple of emails. Got ready for the day. Picked my mom up, stopped by Starbucks, went and had manicures & pedicures (my fav). We went to lunch at Pick Up Stix. Our food was so good, I don't remember why I didn't why I didn't like it much in the past. Talked to my friend Krissie to wish her a Happy Birthday! Texted my friend Lauren to rub it in her face that I was seeing Eat Pray Love. (She's seen it twice and loved it). We went to the movie and I loved it. I really thought it was great. Took my mom home & then headed on my way back to my house. When I got home I realized how funky I was feeling and decided I needed a quick nap before it was time to pick Ted up from work. Got in a quick 30 minute nap, got up again & dressed again, told the dogs to "be good while I'm gone!" and headed out to pick up my Man. Got to Ted, headed to his parents house for dinner. We went to one of our favorite bars for dinner which was fun & yummy. Took his parents home & then headed to Borders to pick up a couple of books I've been wanting for a while. Wondered around Borders, finally found my books, paid & were on our way home. Got home, fed the dogs, changed into pj's, surfed around on the interwebs, now I'm typing this up. As soon as I'm done with this I'm diving into one of my new books. Yay! If I may predict the future I will probably be sleeping in an hour... I hope.

I didn't think you needed the details of bathroom breaks, etc. I'm sure you can all live without that. :)

That sure was an exciting day, wasn't it?!