Monday, April 26, 2010

weekend fun

I have to be better at posting reviews of the books I read when I finish them. I got lazy and wasn't posting my reviews right away, which made me forget some things & make it seem like I read nonstop. That's not really the case. So I finished 7th Heaven on Sunday (4/25). I seem to finish books on Sundays. It's because Sunday is usually a lazy morning for us. We hang out in bed with the dogs for a couple hours & just enjoy the calm. That gives me a lot of uninterrupted reading time, which I have really come to enjoy. Ok, so onto my review of 7th Heaven... I really enjoyed this book! Probably as much as I loved the 4th book in the series - 4th of July. The stories in this one just kept me going. I was a little slow to start, but I think that's because I'm getting burned out on the Women's Murder Club series in general. I've been reading them back-to-back & I think it's time for me to read something else because I delve into the 8th book in the series. Back to 7th Heaven - The stories kept me interested. There were twists & turns I didn't see coming. Times where I was wondering how the stories would ever play out or come to a close. I am really, really wanting to start the next book... but I'm holding off for now! :)

On Saturday we returned some duplicate wedding gifts we received. We decided with that money we were going to treat ourselves to something fun - an Xbox or a Wii. We didn't get either. We I got a nook. See... I couldn't find any games I would want to play on Xbox, and Ted couldn't find any games he would want to play a lot on Wii... so here we are in Best Buy, with money to burn, and Ted suggests taking a gander at the nook's. He said he was planning on getting me one for my birthday anyways, so why not get it now? So we got one, and now I have to read as many books as I can on it, before the 30 day return window closes, in case I don't really like it. So far I really like it, it's pretty easy to use - and B&N gives you a few free books when you register it, which is always awesome - especially when 2 of the 3 free books are on my reading list :) Score! So now I am going to be reading A Dirty Job: A Novel by Christopher Moore. I've been somewhat torn on the issue of e-readers because I really like books... but I'm giving this new technology a try! I'm a giver.

And finally to wrap up this uncharacteristically long blog post... on Sunday evening I went with my mom & my friend Simone (my brother's gf) to see The Eagles in concert at the Honda Center in Anaheim. It was SO FUN! Seriously, they were so good. I mean, what the hell do I know? They sounded great to me. I had fun. My mama had fun, my friend had fun. What else is there?? I pretty much knew all of their songs with the exception of songs off their new album (which I totally want to buy now!). Those guys are some seriously old, talented dudes. And I mean that totally respectfully. I'm guessing there was some pretty hard partying on their behalves in the 70's, and they earned those wrinkles, amongst other things. They played "Hotel California" just 3 songs in... so of course the crowd went wild. I also thought it was really cool that they played it so early into the set, they really gave the people what they wanted early on & that helped set the mood for the rest of the show. As it turns out we are all old fuddy duddies (technical term) and didn't stay to the very end. I'm sort of kicking myself for that because I didn't get to hear my favorite Eagles song, "Take It Easy". Ah well... it was really fun, and I got to spend some time with my mom & Simone. It was a GREAT weekend. Oh, and did I mention I got to because my brother backed out at the last minute? Yep. And on our way out we saw David Spade - seriously. Ya know, maybe not the coolest celeb sighting, but cool nonetheless. We did not say Hi. Simone swears that while she was in the beer line she saw the oldest son from Home Improvement - Zachery Ty Bryan (yes I did have to look that up). Fun all around!


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