Thursday, April 15, 2010

on to the next!

Last night I finished The 5th Horseman by James Patterson. I'm going to be starting The 6th Target any second now (but more on that one when I'm done).

So now that I've finished The 5th Horseman and slept on it I feel ready to review! I can't lie, the beginning of this one was slow going for me, but I had a similar experience with the second book in the series and then that one really came together for me at the end. With The 5th Horseman things started coming together for more about halfway through the book. I was having a hard time tying all of the story lines together. The Women's Murder Club books always have some person story going on throughout the book, on one or more of the women. This one didn't really have that. It sort of did with Yuki, but I won't get into it in case you want to read the book yourself. Something in this book really connected with me and once I got to the middle of the book it was difficult for me to put the book down at all. I really enjoyed the book, I enjoyed the stories, but I did feel slightly cheated by the ending. I feel like the very end got tied up a little too quickly for me. But, hey - I'm not a world renowned writer, so what the heck do I know? Maybe if there was more story it would have made the entire thing just too much? I don't know. At any rate, this one - again - left me needing to read the next one asap.

Last night we also went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner with my father in law. I'm not sure what the craze is with this place. I hear so many good things about it, but to me it was really just "meh". Yes the wings I chose were good (mild & honey bbq - mild owns honey bbq, for future reference). I was really, extremely turned off by the fact that ranch & bleu cheese dippers were .50¢ each. That just so cheapens the whole experience - it gives a very McDonalds-esque feel to the whole dinner. I agree with my father in law - I would go back if someone else really wanted to go, but I wouldn't suggest it. I thought the prices were high for wings. I mean, we are talking wings here, right? Also for reference - Ted got the spicy garlic & mango habanero. He said the spicy garlic were just too much (garlic & spice), but the mango habanero were delicious. My father in law got the asian zing & parmesan garlic, he liked them both. We also had an order of onion rings & those were quite good, especially the sauce they came with. Yeah... such a healthy meal, eh? I know, I know.

p.s.: Have I mentioned lately that I have an amazing husband? Yep, I do. He loves that I love reading, he encourages me, and doesn't complain when I leave my books strewn about wherever I go.


Abri said...

Yeah, I don't get buffalo wild wings either. I mean... its good but not that good...