Wednesday, April 7, 2010

eating healthier

As you know from this post I am trying to eat healthier. Incorporate more fruits & yogurt into my daily diet. I am not cutting anything out just yet. If I feel like eating it, I (1) wait and see if I still want it after 10 minutes (2) eat a considerably smaller amount than I would have say, a month ago (usually also less than the serving size).

Here is something I noticed, & wanted to make note of, on Monday: I was hungry almost all day. Serious. I was sitting at my desk, eating carrots & hummus (Thanks Fresh & Easy!) and thinking "Why am I hungry?! I'm shoveling these things in my mouth, and I am getting more hungry by the minute!" It was frustrating and strange.

Today? Not so much. I am not so hungry, I am having to remind myself to eat actually. This morning I was definitely hungry, but since then I have been ok. I know my body well enough to know when I get hungry so I am trying to eat something healthy & small right before that time, as a way to combat the hunger pains. Because... let me tell you... I reach a certain level of hunger where nothing will satisfy me unless is covered in cheese, fried, or smothered in icing. Today I had an apple pear (I have no idea what this is, it's the consistency of a pear, but the juices taste like apple juice.) at 10am, a yogurt at 11:30, and finally lunch at 1:00. I feel good.

I know it's an ongoing process with highs & lows, today I am on a high. I feel better than I have in a while, I'm happy, and I'm not seeking out chocolate or donuts like a mad woman.  


Abri said...

eating healthy is always good! i hated it at first... but now i love it :-)

by the way - i have a blog award for you! it's waiting for you to pick up on my blog!

happy monday!