Monday, April 12, 2010

working for the weekend

I know it's only Monday but I'm already dreaming of the weekend. I would say I long for the weekends to be here most on Mondays and Wednesdays. Wednesday, I have no idea why I wish for the weekend so much on those days? I guess because it's the middle of the week, and Friday still seems so far off. Two more mornings I have to wake up at 6:30?! Booo! :( Hahaha. Lets be honest, I'll be up 7am at the latest on Saturday & Sunday anyways since our dog, Nova, is wide awake by then and whining to be let out. (insert love-hate relationship here)

We don't have any weekend plans yet... we have been sly and both avoiding talking about how we really, seriously, I-really-mean-it, need to start our bathroom renovation... like WEEKS ago. We had plans to start it a couple of weekends ago, then realized that weekend was Easter and we would be spending all of Sunday shuffling between both families. There is really nothing standing in our way anymore, other than fear.

We have to do the work ourselves because (1) hiring professionals is expensive, (2) my husband happens to be very knowledgeable & handy in many areas, and (3) we know he can do it himself (and probably with some help from his dad).

Maybe this will be the weekend we start demo. One other thing holding us up (well this falls under the FEAR category) is that this is our only full bathroom. Luckily we do have another bathroom, but it's a half bath. So basically we have to make sure we do this renovation in such a way where we can both use the shower. We aren't replacing the shower & tub, so this shouldn't be that big of an issue. I just hope I don't step on a rusty nail.


Abri said...

good luck on the bathroom renovation!! you have to remember to take before and after photos! :-)

Sarah said...

We will definitely be taking B&A photos. We actually did paint the bathroom and took down the grimy & gross (& too short) shower doors before we moved it, so I'm hoping we have some pictures of it before the first paint job. It was a sight to behold, complete with Finding Nemo wallpaper border.