Monday, April 5, 2010

because I really am worth it

Today is the beginning of a new beginning, of sorts. I have been having some minor issues with my health, and I just decided I am tired of feeling like crap. So a few weeks ago I made a big step by cutting out my beloved iced tall caramel macchiato at Starbucks, and you know what? It wasn't that hard. I barely noticed. I guess letting go was a little easier because Ted & I were gifted with this kick ass coffee maker, so now I just make my coffee at home & go. I realized that I am not the "diet" kind of person. I can't go from eating & living one way, to a complete 180 and change everything all at once. That's not how my mind works. If I immediately take away everything I love, my brain instantly kicks into "kicking & screaming" mode, and I self sabotage within days, if not hours. Sad, but true.

So a few weeks ago I cut out something I thought I loved, and I lived. ::gasp!:: And since then I have been trying to make healthier eating choices. That means that even if I don't eat something healthy, I try to practice portion control. Portion Control. Man... that's a tough one! There is something about the fact that just because my husband can eat 4 slices of pizza, that doesn't mean I can or should (even if I could. & I could if I put my mind to it). So I'm wondering, if I can put my mind to making bad decisions, why can't I put my mind to making good, or at least better, decisions?

I am now trying to make simple & easy goals on a weekly/biweekly basis. The goal for this week is to start eating fruit throughout the day, as a healthy snack. I'm also going to try to incorporate yogurt in with my lunches. We always have veggies with dinner, so I'm not super concerned about working more vegetables in yet. We eat almost no fruit, so I knew I needed to get on top of that issue.

I think that I finally realized that I'm an adult, and I have to treat my body better. No one else can do it for me. I can make as many excuses as I want, but in the end I am an adult. I'm a married woman. This is my life, my only life, and I want to make the most of it & live it as long as I'm allowed.


Natalie said...

Oh man do I feel where you're coming from. Seriously, I could have written this myself (substituting Starbucks for blizzards or ice cream of any sort). It's so great that you've decided to start trying to make better decisions! I know it's hard, but we can do it!!