Tuesday, March 30, 2010

fly a kite!

Sometimes I want to give the big middle finger to two things, one of which may shock you:
Marriage & mortgages. The M&M. Otherwise know as Responsibility.


I love being married - don't get me wrong. I love my hubs, he's the best, & I know just how lucky we are.
On the other hand - sometimes I just want to tell Responsibility to go "fly a kite!" (I can't say what I really want to say, what if my mom saw this?!)

The days where I was so impulsive & just irresponsible enough to throw down $400 on a new purse, yeah - those days were not so long ago, just a couple of years really. Now the prospect of spending more than $100 on anything like that... Uh, yeah - so not happening. :) I wish I could say that I looked at myself and decided that being more financially responsible was best for ME, but alas, I can not. I do this for my husband (and me, but just a little... because not being homeless is still sexier than that Marc Jacobs bag).

Being financially responsible has never been my strong suit. I lived for a long time with the theory that, sure I can charge $300 at the Gap, I'll worry about it next month... and the next month... and the next. You see where this is going? It's never one splurge on clothes, or one new bag, one new hot pair of shoes, etc. It's many many many things. I want to be a financially independent married woman. Haha... is that even something that's possible? I want to depend on my husband, I don't want to be dependent on him. I love being a home owner more than any pair of shoes you put in front of me. And really... the "sacrificing" I thought I was going to have to make once I got married & bought a house? Yeah... it's not so bad. This is better than anything you could throw at me.

p.s.: Doesn't this bag just need me?? :) My mother can attest to my childhood obsession with all things dayglo... seems to have followed me to adulthood.