Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a photo that makes me sad

Day 8

I suppose for this topic I could have found something much sadder and anger inducing in a broad social way... but I didn't. Please ignore the huge bangs. I was young.

This is a photo of my grandpa (maternal) and I from when I was about 15 or 16. He died less then a year after this picture was taken. It was a rough time in my family, it was very hard for my mom because she was really close to her dad. I loved my grandpa so much. He was a really amazing person, so funny & caring, he was really sharp and very witty. And he drove with a lead foot. This photo makes me sad because... I really miss him. Even after all these years I still miss him. It still makes me really sad that he & Ted never got to meet, they would have loved each other. I'm really thankful for the all of the time I did get to have him in my life, those are memories I treasure. My grandpa was also a pretty good cook - he made some mean, burn your head off hot chili. He also made the most delicious fudge ever. Ever. Don't even try to argue this one with me. I still remember when we would visit and he would always make a batch of fudge, he would always let me have some while it was still warm and I felt so special. I can mostly look at this picture and just feel love, but it is bittersweet. Luckily his chili and fudge recipes were written down and saved so we can carry on his traditions, it always makes me feel connected when we make his recipes. When we make his chili there's this certain smell when it's cooking... & you know you got it right. Whenever that happens I always imagine grandpa is really proud and happy at that moment - he was very particular about his chili.