Thursday, August 26, 2010

my favorite movie

Day 2

Whew! Made it through day 1...

Ok, so my favorite movie... wow. This may be harder then my favorite song. I love movies, I especially love cheesetastic movies. I can tell you that for a period of about 2 years, starting when I was about 12 I was completely obsessed with this movie:

I still love that movie, but it's not my favorite ever.

There are so many movies I love for different reasons...

The wedding in that movie made me realize I didn't want an inside wedding, I wanted to get married out in the sunshine.

Run away to Italy? Yes, duh.

It's big, flashy, & has explosions. 'Nuff  for me.

This movie is so sweet, mystical, fantastical... it just makes you feel good.   
C'mon... Lloyd Dobler. How can you not love him?

Of course there are so many other movies I love. I love the movie Flushed Away, it just cracks me up every time I watch it. How can anyone not at least like The Breakfast Club? Aside from the whole detention on a Saturday thing, it's like every kids dream in high school! Totally unrealistic, but realistic movies are boooooring. Life As a House makes me cry every.damn.time. Grease, Rent, West Side Story - just give me a musical and make me happy! You've Got Mail... how freaking adorable are Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in that movie?! I know, right! Gosh.

But... my favorite, hands down, always makes me feel happy/laugh/suspended/angry/romantic and stops me in my tracks (Lord forbid this movie should be on tv at any time... ever, or I'm done) is.....

Yes. Pride & Prejudice - Kiera Knightley edition. I just LOVE this movie. That scene where Mr. Darcy walks to the house in the early morning.... ::sigh:: that WHOLE scene is just perfection. Every time I watch it, it's like the first time.

So there ya go. Feel free to judge away - we all do it. I think you can tell a lot about someone by their taste in movies. I wonder what my taste in movies says about me?