Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I have a reading list. I started it with the hope of finishing it, or coming close to finishing it this year. Unfortunately instead of reading books on the list I started reading books not on the list & then adding those that I read to the list. Well, honestly, I've read a lot of books since I started keeping track, but my list looks lackluster and less than impressive because it's SO DAMN LONG NOW. hahaha. I definitely need to redo the list. Maybe make a "read" list and a "to read" list? What do you think?

So, the books which have recently captured me & driven me off track with my previously existing list? The Rozzoli & Isles series by Tess Gerritsen. I'm 5 books in. I'm hooked. I started reading them because I saw that there is a new show called Rizzoli & Isles premiering on TNT. What first caught my attention was Angie Harmon. I heart her. A lot. I think it's a Law & Order thing since I loved her on that show. Then she was in the short lived (to my dismay) television series Women's Murder Club based on the books by James Patterson - which I've also read. I loved her in the WMC tv show. I was so bummed when it was canceled. So now I'm really, really hoping that this show survives. That it's a better show and has good backing by TNT. Yeah... so back to the reading part of this post. I'm 5 books into the R&I series and I am officially hooked. I can't stop reading them and I have to get through all of them (7 thus far) so I can start reading something else! When I first realized that the tv show was based on a series of books I asked Ted if he thought I could read all 7 books before the show premieres. The show premiers on July 12... I think I'm going to make my deadline. :) I hope the creators of the show got the casting right. Fans of books are super critical when the story is adapted for a tv show or movie.


AlaskanAlison said...

LOVE me some Tess Gerritsen. Was also completely obsessed with James Patterson in high school but haven't read much of his most recent stuff. No real reason other than I'm busy reading other stuff :)