Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the neverending joys of being a home owner

Lets see now... we've called our Home Warranty company 3 times, they've been out 3 times to service our A/C. I know people do it - but I don't know how the hell people in SoCal can live without A/C during the Summer. Maybe I'm a wimp, but I'm a wimp that likes her house cool. Anywho... so after this last service where the A/C was "definitely fixed", yeah... not working. Again. %$(^&$ So now we get to deal with the Home Warranty company. Again. %$&(!%&! I have two hopes: (1) they actually fix it this time, or (2) we just get a whole new unit. Our A/C is about 30 years old & needs replacing. Unfortunately there are a dozen other things on that same list and A/C units aren't cheap. We REALLY need this resolved before our HW expires.

& Secondly, on Sunday morning I went downstairs to find out that our bathtub was leaking into the kitchen. JOY. FUCKING FLIPPING JOY I TELL YOU. I think I know what the problem is, because I'm a Master Plumber and all, and it's not leaking anymore, but the problem is that it was leaking at all. As much as I do not want to deal with this now (since it's stopped leaking) the fact that is was leaking needs to be addressed & hopefully fixed. Luckily that is also covered in our Home Warranty, and paying for someone to come see it (through the HW) is a lot cheaper than just going directly to a plumber.

Does the list ever end? No. As far as I can tell it NEVER ends because since we are the owners of this fine condo, everything is our responsibility. On the other hand, we can take care of problems in our own time & do them the way we want. That's a big bonus. Owning a house is mostly fun, it's just that when big things go wrong it's a huge pain in the ass.

There are other things about owning a condo ::ahemHOAahem:: that make me long for the day we own a real house free of all things HOA-y. Don't get me wrong, they serve a purpose & not having to take care of yard work or a pool are great things right now. Unfortunately, having to get authorization from a myriad of people just to hang an American flag for the holidays? Yeah, not so great.

On the other hand, I will always be thankful that we were even able to buy any sort of property in Southern California (let alone Orange County) especially in these uncertain economic times. It's a blessing, even if it is in disguise from time to time. I'll take it.