Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jamaica here we come!... eventually.

Reason # 515684 why my husband is awesome:

In lieu of getting each other anniversary gifts every year, he agreed that we should go on a nice vacation every year instead. (THERE! It's out on the Internet now... no take backs!) Woo! I can't fully begin to explain how excited this makes me. I love going on vacation, I love seeing new places & revisiting old places that we love. Since our First Anniversary is already spoken for with a faaaabulous 9 day Mexican Riviera cruise, we are shooting for Jamaica in 2012 for our 2nd Anniversary. I'm so excited! Neither one of us has been to Jamaica before, and I've always wanted to go. I'm not really sure if Ted has always wanted to go to Jamaica. I told him that he could pick where we went for our next vacation since I chose the cruise, but he said he doesn't really care where we go, he just likes going away someplace with me (Aawww!) and he loves how excited I get over whichever destination we I pick.

So here's the "problem"... not like we can actually book anything for 2012 yet, but in the research I've been doing online every single resort looks amazing. How do you choose?! I may have to write them all down and throw a dart to see which one we end up with, haha. I'm only slightly joking about that, though. & on top of it, everyone I know who has been to Jamaica - well, they all pretty much loved their resort. Of course there are some we are just priced out of. As much as I think an outdoor shower would be so sexy & Heavenly (are you suppose to use those two adjectives together?)... I just can't bring myself to spend like 6k on a vacation somewhere we've never been before. Hey - we'll figure it all out. We have plenty of time.

It's also kinda weird to not even be at our 1st Anniversary, and already be talking about how to celebrate out second. Hmm... I need to slow down. I just get so excited!


natalee215 said...

I love knowing that there's other people as crazy as me :) I don't think I'm going to get away with planning our next "real" vacation until 2012 and I already have somewhere chosen! There's nothing more fun that planning a vacation, no matter how far out it is.

Abri said...

I love that idea!!!! I wish that we could do the same... I'm trying to convince DH that we need to go to disney for our first anniversary... :-) HAVE FUN!!

Natalie said...

I do the exact same thing. DH just laughs and rolls his eyes b/c I'll start planning activities as soon as I hear the word vacation! A vacation every anniversary is a great idea, have fun planning!