Friday, May 7, 2010

desks & clothes & candy, oh my!

Today I went to The Wonderful Land of Endless Design Possibilities... aka Ikea. I love that place. My mind starts to go into overload as soon as I hit the entrance. I got a new desk. That was the super exciting thing I went there for. It was honestly a deflating trip because I had to turn a blind eye to the sleeper sofa I really want to put  in our office for any overnight guests, the new bed frame I really want*, the super cuteness chair I want in our living room, and other miscellaneous cute things.

After Ikea I had some returns to take to Old Navy and let me just tell you... they had some Big Wig Corporates from Old Navy in the store, and I have never gotten such great service as I did today. That place is full of bright, fun, Summery things right now. Makes me wish I loved Summer.

Then I went to See's Candy to get the last part of my mom's Mother's Day present. I was lectured by the See's lady about how if I get the peppermint patty's I can't put them in the same box with everything else, they'll make everything else taste like peppermint. Let me preface by saying that by this point it was 4:00pm, HOT outside, I was tired & thirsty, and had been waiting in line for about 10 minutes to order. So this old See's lady is lecturing me about how I'm going to ruin my mom's Mother's Day if I mix the candies (ok it may not have been that dramatic... but close!). I'm standing there with a line of very grumpy people behind me, and I'm about the cry because this See's lady hates me and all I can think is "I don't have time to come back before Sunday! I'm working all day Saturday! Please stop making me feel like the worst daughter ever and just package my mother's half pound of hip-lovin'!" Then she handed me something dark chocolate & delicious and I proclaimed my love for her. The End.

*Dear Husband, if Ikea had that bed frame in an espresso finish it would have made it into our house. xoxo - Wife.


Jess said...

Ikea is such a great place... you can find sooo many things there for such great deals.
My dad still sends See's candies to my grandma every year. They are seriously the best chocolates in the WORLD. But I made the mistake of mixing them before... and let me tell you... orange and raspberry truffles overpowered by mint= not so good. :)

Sarah said...

Oh man... so I should have listened to her?? Man... maybe I should give her that part today then. See's are the best!