Wednesday, April 21, 2010


On Sunday I got to spend some time with my nephews. This story isn't about them, but OMG they are the cutest little people ever. Take my word for it :)

So back to Sunday - Ted's dad is talking about how he once bought a cowboy hat. He picked out a hat that was comfortable & fit loosely on his head. The salesman told him if he were to actually wear that hat while riding a horse, it would fly off his head. Cowboy hats are meant to fit snugly. So even though I don't think my father in law actually had intentions of riding a horse, he bought the cowboy hat as it was intended to fit - rather tightly. And he never wore it again because it was so uncomfortable.

The point of my story? Ted told his dad he should go to a haberdasher because they could stretch it out for him. Yes, he said haberdasher. And I love my husband sooo much because I know that being able to use that word in a conversation absolutely made his day. It's all about the simple pleasures in life!


Abri said...

LOL!! This is a great story. You crack me up!