Wednesday, September 8, 2010

my dream house

Day 15

Wow! We've made it half way through the blog challenge, and it's been pretty darn painless. Until today. My dream house?! Seriously?

A clean one. Done.

Well I suppose ya'll are going to want more from me then that, so lets see here...

For starters I'll take this so when we win the lottery we can spend Spring and Fall in Paris. Then we'll have acres & acres of land in Colorado where we'll build a decent size house - think log cabin meets Crate & Barrel - and on the property we'll also build a few other small cabins so friends & family can come stay with us, but still have their own space. If we ever have this then Ted will require that the property has a lake, or we make a man-made lake so we can situate the house & cabins all the way around it. We'll spend Summer & Winter in Colorado.

But, coming back to reality, I would be more then happy with a nice little 3 or 4 bedroom house with at least 2 full bathrooms, a decent size living space open to a nice modern kitchen (but not too modern, I like original character). It would need a front porch with a cute little front yard, but the main focus would be on the backyard. Lots of grass and space for entertaining, maybe a pool but definitely a hot tub. I'm especially partial to Adobe style and Craftsman style houses.

There are a lot of Craftsman and Adobe style houses where we live, which is probably why I like them so much.

I always thought I wanted a big house, but I don't know... our condo is 1400 sq.ft. and I find it difficult to keep it clean, and it's just us & the dogs. Staying small may be the way to go for us, I would rather have a big yard and smaller house then a huge house & no yard. No yard + dogs = not much fun.