Monday, July 12, 2010


On Saturday we threw a joint birthday party for Ted and our friend Dee. Dee & her husband, Chris, live in Colorado. They were Ted's friends (for quite a while) before I came along, and now I am so tickled to be able to call them my friends also. They really are great people. The kind of people you want to know. Chris was also the best man in our wedding... the stories... some of the best memories of Cancun happened when we just hanging out, drinking, and having amazing times.

There was tons of yummy food - pulled pork & smoked jalapeno poppers (c/o of Ted), homemade bbq sauce & smoked baked beans (c/o of Ted & me), cream cheese wantons & loaded tater skins (c/o our friend Nicole), a really yummy fresh fruit salad with a strawberry-poppy seed vinaigrette (c/o my momma),  various chips & dips, the BEST coleslaw you've ever tasted (c/o my FIL), a Harry Potter themed ice cream cake for Ted, a white cake w/ strawberry filling for Dee, and an absolutely show-stopping-delicious rum cake (c/o one of the guests, Suni). It was seriously just a feast of never-ending food. 

Of course, the beer was flowing (in bottles), great friends all around, & weather good enough to enjoy the pool. What more could we ask for? Not much. :)