Wednesday, June 2, 2010

what's for dinner? & pet-parent fail.

I'm making ^this^ for dinner tonight. It's from Brian Boitano & his What Would Brian Boitano Make? show on the Food Network. Can I just say that I super love that show! He's hilarious, and most of his recipes look delish. Ok, so yes this meal tonight won't be the most healthy thing we've ever eaten - but it just looks so damn good! Plus we got a bottle of red wine at a wedding gift & although Ted will drink red wine, I won't, and he prefers beer to wine 99% of the time. So... I'll cook with it!

Hopefully this will be a successful meal. For some reason I dislike whatever I cook about 2/3 of the time. I don't know why. I suppose I am envisioning the dish to taste a certain way, I look forward to that idea, and then it's different or fails to impress & I hate it. I'm weird.


Last week was a rough week with our dog, Nova. He was either bored/frustrated or suffering from separation anxiety. I was told it was one of those by different people. First off, the dogs are confined to the kitchen area during the day. We have one of those baby gate things, so it can be somewhat permanent, but people can still walk through to the kitchen without stepping over a gate. It works out great for our house & needs. Yeah... well Nova is a Lab/Boxer. He likes to run, be crazy, and jump. He recently found out he can jump over the gate. Totally clear the thing like it's no big deal. Then he's out in the rest of the house. By the time we realized what he was doing, I was down six pairs of shoes. Yes, I said six. Gym shoes, casual sneakers, 2 pairs of black flats (one beloved pair -- he almost died), two other pairs of flats I wasn't particularly fond of... but nonetheless they are gone. So the thing is he chewed up ALL of the shoes I wear on a regular basis. Maybe we're slow or something, but we didn't know how he was getting out of the kitchen. Then when we realized he was jumping over the gate, we thought we had it figured out & were in the clear. Notsomuch. We cleared up the living room so he wouldn't have shoes to chew on, so he went into our bedroom and just got shoes from there. Again, I guess it was partly our own fault for not making sure he couldn't get into anything bad... but he's never been a chewer! EVER. I swear, this dog is 1 year old now, and he's never chewed up anything other than his own toys. It's just so weird he's doing it now.

We think he's frustrated from not getting enough exercise. We live in a condo with a very small patio. There's just no where for him to run around at home. Even if we take him for walks, this dog wants to run. He wants to tackle, wrestle, & run. Luckily our loving & gracious parents are allowing us to bring him over to their house(s) a few times a week so he can run out some energy with their dogs. 1x a week he's going to my parents house, 2x a week he's going to Ted's parents, and 1x a week he's going to Doggy Day Camp. I think Bella will enjoy some "alone time" and "quiet time" while Nova is gone during the day.

I forgot to call so he could go to DDC today... I hope our furniture is still intact by the time I get home.


Shelli said...

Mmmm.... love the recipe. :)