Monday, May 3, 2010

I name my plants

To start off May properly - I think my cactus is dying :( I have one of those really adorbs orange & pink cacti that are all small & cute in their little pots. I keep mine on my desk at work, and I think the utter lack of natural light has begun the slow death of my poor cactus. It's no longer vibrant oranges & pinks, it's kind of a pale/sad yellow color and some of the little nubs are soft. ::sigh:: Lets hope our house plant, Harriet, doesn't see a similar fate. (yes I did name my house plant, so? what of it?) Maybe my cactus is dying because I don't affectionately refer to it by name.

I always take great consideration & put a lot of thought into the kind of wall calendar I hang in my office. It's the bright, shiny thing that brings joy to my office. This year I chose an African Safari calendar because it was on sale I've always wanted to go to Africa. So each month has totally rocked - up until May. WTF. I want to look at wild zebras or majestic elephants - not some mangy coyote. Lame. So now it's May and I have a dying cactus and ugly coyote staring at me until the sweet bliss of June arrives.

On a happier note, have I mentioned how much I am loving A Dirty Job: A Novel by Christopher Moore?? I haven't? Ok let me go on then. I LOVE IT! I'm not even close to half way through it, but so far it's just so good. It's weird because for those of you who have read it - you know the premise is pretty sad - but the story telling is just so funny. I have, several times, found myself literally LOL-ing at this book (my husband can vouch). Now that I'm really in my groove with this book I can't wait to finish it so I can see if Christopher Moore's other books are as good.