Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thanks HGTV

...For making me realize that we did not paint our house buyer-friendly colors.

When we bought our house we instantly agreed that we did not want any white walls in our house. There's nothing wrong with white walls, they just aren't our style. We also didn't want "beige" or anything like that to be a main color in our home. This was our first chance to put our stamp on our own home, and we were doing it with color.

Our living room, also the single largest room in the home, is painted blue. It's a nice blue, kind of a soft sky blue. Our kitchen and hallway are painted a light gray color. The downstairs/laundry room area is painted green - like avocado green. I, personally, love it. Buyers will not. Our second bedroom is also painted that green color. Our full bathroom is painted a soft yellow. The master bedroom is painted... oh how do you describe this color... it's a chocolatey color with hints of olive green in it. It's a very nice color, and it works in our room because it's a big room with very high ceilings. Our half bath is still the left over horrible burnt orange the previous owners left us, mixed with some primer cut-in. Eventually that room will be painted ivory with subtle, horizontal white stripes. I know, I know - we said no white. The problem is that the half bath is so small, we didn't want to overwhelm the space. Plus I love, love, love white bathrooms. In my mind white = clean, and I love a clean bathroom... who doesn't?

I know that when we are ready to sell (in like... 7 years?) we will have some serious repainting to do. Who knows? We may even hate these colors in a couple years and repaint everything then. Until that time comes we will sit here, with our pups, and bask in the glory of our blue walls and floral artwork. :)